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Crystals and supplies will not be restocked. Bullet Slices Minimal

Rugged Bullet Jewelry™ Limited Guarantee Bullet Jewelry

When you buy Rugged Bullet Jewelry™ you are buying the best bullet earrings, bullet necklaces, bullet bracelets available on the market.  Using only the highest quality materials and real bullet jewelry slices Rugged is able to offer a superior bullet jewelry product.

The Rugged Bullet Jewelry™ Guarantee of workmanship and quality.  If anything should ever happen to your Rugged Bullet Jewelry™ we will repair it for you at no charge.  This does not cover normal wear, physical damage, or lost/missing pieces.  The buyer is responsible for returning the item to Wholesale Bullet Jewelry and the item will be returned to the buyer within 1-2 weeks after the repair has been completed.  A copy of the receipt must be included when returning item for repair and Rugged Bullet Jewelry™ reserves the right to refuse repair for any reason.  Please remember repair does not cover normal wear, physical damage, or missing pieces.  Please give us a call or better yet email pictures for more information on our limited guarantee.

Please send repairs to:

Wholesale Bullet Jewelry 

126 East Bridge Street

Plainwell, MI 49080