Antler Jewelry Components for DIY

Antler Jewelry points from white tail deer.  Perfect for making antler rings or antler necklaces

Antler Rings

Handmade Antler Jewelry rings are incredibly popular.  Most are turned on a lathe and polished to perfection making a unique personalized craft.  We offer Antler Ring blanks that are perfect for turning on a lathe into that perfect handmade antler jewelry.

Antler Jewelry

Handmade Antler Jewelry starts with the right antler pieces.  Finding the highest quality antler is important to the overall appearance of the finished piece of antler jewelry.  For DIY Antler Jewelry we offer ring blanks, drilled tines, antler slices, and all of the components to put the entire project together.

Deer Antler Wedding Band

Deer Antler Wedding Bands are incredibly popular for the distinguished outdoors man that loves the personalized custom look that only Antler Jewelry can offer.  Our ring blanks are high quality and perfect for turning on a lathe or carving by hand into that perfect antler wedding band.

Deer Antler Necklace

Making a Deer Antler Necklace has never been easier with our drilled antler tips.  These come in your choice of size and are easy to simply add a chain or leather cord thru the drilled hole.  Then customize with your personal touch of charms, wire wrapping, or even wood burning.

Deer Antler Ring

If you are making an Antler Ring than take a look at our selection of antler ring blanks or view our diy pages that will help guide you on your project by giving you ideas on how to get started and techniques that will make your project a success.

Antler Necklaces

There are lots of types of Antler Necklaces.  Wire wrapped antler necklaces made from our basic antler tines are a great way to make antler necklaces that are perfect for resale with the high markup potential.  Take a look at our online catalog of antler pieces and supplies for putting your antler necklace project together.

Antler Ring DIY